Morana by LCL Design


Material: Japaneses Stainless Steel
LCL Brand: Morana
Ocular: 63
Bridge: 16
Wing Size: 145
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Introducing our exquisite range of handmade glasses, meticulously crafted in Croatia and inspired by the captivating mythology of Slavic gods. Each pair bears a name associated with these deities, embodying strength, beauty, and wisdom. Our skilled artisans employ traditional techniques, ensuring that every detail, from the intricately carved frames to the precisely fitted lenses, exudes exceptional quality and style. By wearing our handmade glasses, you not only adorn your eyes with unparalleled eyewear but also embrace the cultural heritage and mystique of Croatia, paying homage to the rich tapestry of Slavic mythology. Experience the craftsmanship and connect with the mythical world of Slavic gods through these glasses, as they elevate your style and immerse you in the beauty of Croatian traditions.

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Weight 0.050 kg

Dirty Gold


Japanese Stainless Steel

LCL Brand


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