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Since 1988.

Welcome to LCL Optics, a provider of top-tier optical service in Zagreb.

We stand out for our unique services – the handcrafting and complete personalization of ocular prostheses and contact lenses, offering something that others cannot.

LCL by LCL Design is our authentic line of sunglasses, handcrafted in Croatia and inspired by Slavic deities. Thanks to our expert team, every model is fully personalized, combining innovative materials and technologies with the energy of ancient myths.

As part of our commitment to your satisfaction and eye health, we offer free diopter checks and education about contact lenses.

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About us

How it all started

blend of tradition, innovation, and quality.

For decades, LCL Optics Center has built a remarkable legacy as a trusted name in the world of eyewear. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, unparalleled craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we have become synonymous with top-quality eyewear.

YEAR 1988.
LCL is established

The year was 1988 when LCL Optics was established with a passion for providing top-quality eyewear solutions. From the very beginning, our focus was on delivering exceptional products and personalized service to our customers, setting the foundation for our future success.

YEAR 1997.
Expanding Horizons

LCL Optics experienced significant growth and expansion. Our commitment to offering a wide range of eye lenses, sunglasses, and glasses, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, earned us a reputation as a trusted eyewear provider in Zagreb. Our loyal customer base continued to grow as we introduced new designs and styles to cater to evolving fashion trends.

YEAR 2015.
Celebrating Milestones

With our unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, we solidified our position as a leading eyewear destination in Zagreb. We continued to prioritize customer satisfaction and introduced advanced technologies to enhance the shopping experience.

YEAR 2023.
Handmade sunglasses

As we reach 35 years of excellence, we continue to offer the largest selection of eye lenses, glasses and suglasses in Zagreb, inspired by Slavic gods, while embracing new opportunities in the world of optics.